Money habits & attitudes (aka money personalities) affect your ability to flourish financially because they can work for, or against you.

By understanding the character traits at work when dealing with money, you can better understand the habits and attitudes that influence your spending, saving and giving decisions.

How Money Personality Profiling Can Help You

Make the Connection with Self

Often a person’s relationship with money is indicative of their relationship with themself.  The use of Money Personality Profiling can help begin a constructive dialogue about money and its link to messages related to self-worth, trust, independence, control, power, love, security and more.

Reveal Insights about Career Choices

Money Personality profiling is not about budgets and math but about understanding hidden messages that motivate and reinforce behaviours. Your relationship with money may be influencing career choices or undermining success.

Speak without drowning in a sea of financial jargon

Money personality assessment results are non-threatening and provide countless conversation starters in a natural context, such as family of origin influences, financial fears and even money secrets. This “common money language” helps you talk about money in meaningful, more efficient ways.

It’s time to bring money into conversations

Money Personality profiling helps you bring money into the conversation without discussing or needing to be knowledgeable about budgets, debt or other financial topics.

I use 3 different money personality profiling systems depending on its use.  Contact me for more information.