From Fuzzy to Focus – Unblock Your access to prosperity through Money Personality Profiling

  • Do you feel a lack of control over your money?
  • Do feel like you consistently have more month than money?
  • Are you all over the place when it comes to your money?
  • Are you ready to break free from unconscious money blocks and rewrite your money story?

Your money personality and the archetypes influencing your relationship with money directly affect how you approach your finances.

By understanding your dominant archetypes and money character traits, you gain powerful insights into your financial strengths and challenges.

Prior to discovering that Money Personality was a “thing”, I worked in corporate as a Financial Analyst which mainly comprised of ensuring that the monthly projections were accurate.  As a publicly trading company, it was important to get the projections as closely aligned to actuals as possible.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was assessing and adjusting projections based on the managers and directors own attitudes towards money. 

In 2003 when I discovered Kathleen Gurney’s MoneyMax Money Personality Assessment, because I’d seen it in action, it immediately made sense.  And I still use Kathleen’s concepts around the 13 money mastery character traits in my money workshops and 1:1 sessions.

There are many personality assessments available that can easily show you how you are with money, but I’ve found Sacred Money Archetypes to be the easiest assessment to get into this type of work, which is why I’m a Certified Sacred Money Archetypes Coach.

Discover Your Money Personality

Meet Sacred Money Archetypes® (SMA) – a transformative framework that unveils the unique set of archetypes influencing your relationship with money. Take the SMA assessment to reveal the blend of archetypes currently active in your life. Identify beneficial trends and address areas that need attention, paving the way for prosperity and purpose.

Recognize and Overcome Money Blocks

Most of us have and continue to experience some or all of these challenges:

  • Being too busy to elevate your income
  • Feeling a glass money ceiling hindering your success
  • Avoiding financial matters
  • Making “just enough” despite success
  • Resenting wealth 
  • Undercharging in your business
  • Fear of working harder for more
  • Stressful money-related conflicts
  • Hesitating to invest in your growth

Understanding and being aware of your challenges, gifts, and strengths when it comes to money mitigates these challenges. 

For example, I used to want to “save” everybody.  It makes sense given my Primary Archetype is Nurturer.  It’s disempowering and a little condensing to clients and potential clients coming to me.  It also builds a lot of stress and resentment on my end (and can lead to burnout). 

This one awareness has transformed my money in that being aware of this challenge I create clear boundaries around people that do want to be rescued.  I offer a lot of free resources (giving value is imperative to Nurturers) so that I can help anyone wanting to help themselves and choosing empowerment over rescuing creates a cleansing path for those ready to detox their money scripts.

When you discover your top 3 money archetypes, you experience the puzzle pieces of your life falling into place:

  • Understand your money mindset
  • Identify your core money strengths
  • Make empowered decisions
  • Break free from sabotaging behaviours
  • Navigate money boundaries confidently
  • Transform stressful money conversations

Embrace the Benefits

As a result of knowing your money personality:

  • Make decisions with ease
  • Boost positivity and self-worth
  • Increase your income or salary
  • Foster open-hearted money conversations
  • Have more for yourself and loved ones
  • Feel empowered to make happier choices

Don’t let unconscious money blocks control your life. Press reset on your money story and start becoming the type of person that attracts prosperity. 

Next Steps:

1.  Take the Assessment  –  Take the Assessment Now

2.  Schedule a Sacred Money Archetypes® (SMA) Intensive to learn how to become the editor of your Money Story, implementing a new money personality strategy based on your archetypal composition.

Learning about the Sacred Money Archetypes is a dynamic and exciting way to become aware of your underlying patterns and behaviours around money.  These Archetypes are present in all of us.  Therefore we can edit and design our financial selves to make a better, more prosperous impact on our lives.

If you wish to have an intensive 1:1 experience with me to explore your relationship with money discussing all the Archetypes and how you can bring all their strengths into your money behaviour, please click here for more information.

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