I offer Money Detox 1:1 Sessions and occasionally I run workshops/seminars (online & in person).

Money Detox Empower Hour

If you want to dive deeply into transforming your money relationship, I have developed a pre-booking process (some coursework) so that the level of coaching is deep and that you will then be able to implement what comes out of our session together. 

It is important to me that you are ready for money healing and have a level of awareness and understanding that you are 100% responsible for the results you are seeing in your financial landscape.

The results you can expect from working with me:

  • You no longer get emotionally entangled with money upsets.
  • You understand results are feedback & actively use them to track back & choose new decisions.
  • You create results via looking at who you need to be & making decisions from there.



  • You now see ALL the opportunities that you couldn’t see before.
  • You have a better relationship with yourself & therefore a better relationship with money.
  • You have a new money story & this script is well-attended to, meaning you watch your words & thoughts carefully to stay in the character of who you need to be, to become a person of increase and prosperity.

Contact me for an Empower Hour £90