Unlock Your Financial Potential with Sacred Money Archetypes® Intensive

You’ve taken the Sacred Money Archetypes® Assessment and whilst it’s great to have some revelations about the character traits running your money game….what the heck do you do with this information?!

I get this question all.the.time!  And it’s a great one.  It’s one thing to gain new awareness and quite another to implement changes.

Some people get it and get to it.  Others need a little more time and help.  And that’s where my SMA intensive comes in.

If you feel ready to transform your relationship with money and embark on a type of hero’s journey to financial abundance, using your money personality, you might want to book a Sacred Money Archetypes® (SMA) Intensive.

Why do we call them Sacred Money Archetypes®?

Archetypes are energy sources that account for activating certain characteristics and habits around money matters. In essence, it helps you to discover your unique “money code” , a concept introduced by Kendall SummerHawk. Uncover your dominant archetypes, each influencing your money mindset, including:

  • The Accumulator: Savvy at saving and accumulating wealth.
  • The Alchemist: Turns ideas into profitable ventures.
  • The Connector: Values relationships to create wealth.
  • The Maverick: Thrives on risks and the thrill of making money.
  • The Nurturer: Generous and enjoys using wealth to help others.
  • The Ruler: Skilled at managing money and building empires.
  • The Celebrity: Uses talents and charisma to create wealth and influence.
  • The Romantic: Responsible and values making a positive impact on the world.

Imagine the Possibilities:

  • Eliminate conflicting emotions, arguments, guilt, and doubts holding you back.
  • Up-level your sense of value for significant transformations in your business, career, and life.
  • Money is no longer a reflection of your worth, just feedback!
  • Money is a lens to view results of past thinking, behaviours & actions.  How you do money is how you do everything so clearing up your money relationship essentially means clearing up the relationship you have with yourself.
  • You begin to see new opportunities and possibilities that you didn’t see before.

Ready to reshape your financial story? Take the first step with our Sacred Money Archetypes® Intensive now.

Start your Transformation

The Sacred Money Archetypes ® Intensive comprises of 2 hours of your time via Zoom with a follow-up hour in 3 weeks with email/text/whatsapp in between.  The investment is £250.

Ask me any question about the Sacred Money Archetypes ® intensive. Click here to send an email now, with “question about SMA” in the subject.


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