Mindfulness means to see clearly, because we are paying attention to the present and to what is happening in any given moment.  And when we see clearly, we can respond more effectively.

Most individuals create a Hopeful budget.  Or they feel helpless and don’t create one at all!

When we create a mindful (and therefore clear) budget, we can respond rather than react when we actively use our budget to monitor our progress.

When we intentionally track our money, we are developing an engaged practice.  What we practice grows stronger.

Mindfulness is also about paying kind attention, non-judgementally.  Which means that we kindly notice what is going on with our money, acknowledging that it’s a fluid.  Paying attention with kindness helps us to create peace and calm and prevent shame, frustration & overwhelm to take over which then physically makes our brains shift in to fight & flight.

When we are in fight or flight, our logical brain can’t work.

A budget that embodies a mindful approach is one where we can calmly approach our money and work with it, collaboratively.

I find that business (or life) planning and budgeting go hand in hand.  You cannot create a budget without a clear idea of where you are going, in life and in your business.

In the centre of these three laws is where the magic happens:

  • Law of Attraction
  • Law of Specificity
  • Law of Resonance

Without all three working together, you are unlikely to achieve what you want, regardless of the budget you have put together.

In money attraction terms, when you say “I want more money to spend on holidays”, that is way too vague.  Your holidays and my holidays are vastly different.  Which means that what you spend on holidays and what I spend on holidays is also vastly different.

Attraction means stating what you do want rather than thinking about what you do not want.

We need to be very specific.  I love vision mapping as a tool to bring clarity into what you want.  I prefer to use the internet and to do an electronic vision board, rather than using magazines (old school!)  as I can be as specific as I can in this way.

I suggest starting by using a Wheel of Life.  I also have a recording of the 9 Environments of You here that can also help assess where you are and where you’d like to be.

Remember to focus on what you want and be as specific as possible.

With that clarity, you can start to create a budget for getting there.

Finally, your old ego that keeps you safe needs to transition into new self that is ready to receive the life that you want.

  1. Who do you need to become to be the type of person that receives/lives the way you want?
  2. What do you need to let go of?
  3. What do you need to work on?
  4. What habits need to be instilled?

Without this step, you will keep missing the mark.

A budget is so much more integral than you might think.  How we do money is how we do everything.

When we have financial anxiety, shame or overwhelm we often overlook how integral money is with how we live.  The next time you are thinking about wanting something in your life, consider “what is the essence of this?”  How can I begin to bring in this energy?

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