The first step in improving your relationship to money is gaining awareness around your money matters.   

Without awareness, your actions are just unconscious habits. Through spending the time exploring how you do money management & budgeting is how you begin to get out of financial chaos and anxiety.

Awareness lets you: 

  • Establish freedom around money by getting clear on where you stand with money (ie your current pattern).
  • Start to design & implement a new money management system that will control and manage your spending/savings habits bespoke to the way you work.
  • Set standards for generating money, and making money work for you.

“How can you thrive when you are worried about money?”

Most money worries are derived from imagining the worst case scenario and this fear presents itself in humans in:

  • flight (ignoring),
  • fight (aggressive, judgmental),
  • freeze (head buried in the sand) or
  • fawn (immediately acting to try to please to avoid any conflict but not really understanding the long term change in habits required so you are always putting out fires).

By facing what could be the worst thing to happen, which often doesn’t actually happen, can give you the necessary awareness to put in controls so getting to that worst case scenario is mitigated entirely.

Early money patterning is beyond the rational.  So even though you know at a rational level that you should be behaving in a certain way around your money, you don’t. 

Perhaps the biggest trap is not actually doing the necessary activities that help bring you financial awareness.

Signs that you are in this Danger Zone 

  • You become too busy to set aside time to dedicate to looking at your finances.  It’s such an easy way out.  I’m too busy.  You are not too busy to transform your life and your prosperity! 

Despite your resistance set aside time to dedicate to you flourishing financially.

  • You aren’t taking any action steps even though you can now see habits that could be changed  – This is not self sabotage.  There are clues inside here that, when uncovered can give you amazing insight into how you protect yourself – it’s self-preservation.

Break down your weekly action steps into smaller, more manageable steps and try time blocking. 

Most importantly, have fun using your imagination and joyfully invite abundance into your life.  Affirm on a daily basis that you can and will do it. 

Put your whole body, mind and spirit into looking at your money relationship as the opening to endless possibilities! 

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