The Money Mindset & Wellness Program is structured to provide a comprehensive and transformative experience.

Each Module is covered over 2 sessions and is a stand-alone product.

This means that you can pay for each module separately without needing to have done any of the previous modules (although it helps and together, they provide a comprehensive & transformative program).

However, we believe that financial wellness should be accessible to all and that to realize our mission, segregating the modules into smaller investment segments, gives more people access to our work and results.

Here’s a detailed overview of each module:

1. Mindful Money Mindset Makeover:

Introduction and Discussion of Money Selves & Character Traits:

  • Explore the concept of mindfulness when dealing with money.
  • Discuss personal experiences and perspectives on money beliefs.
  • Identifying and Transforming Limiting Money Beliefs.
  • Identify ingrained beliefs affecting financial decisions.
  • Introduce techniques to transform limiting beliefs into empowering ones.

2. Integrated Financial Strategy Sessions:

Exploration of Practical Strategies:

  • Analyze individual or group financial goals.
  • Introduce diverse strategies for financial growth and stability.

Personalized Budgeting Session:

  • Assess current budgeting practices and challenges.
  • Work collaboratively to create a personalized budget aligned with goals.

3. Holistic Financial Planning Techniques:

In-Depth Exploration:

  • Delve into various aspects of financial planning.
  • Discuss strategies for savings, investments, and debt management.

4. Personalized Holistic Coaching Sessions:

Addressing Specific Challenges:

  • Identify and discuss unique financial challenges faced by individuals or the group.
  • Provide targeted coaching to overcome obstacles and foster growth.

Guided Mindfulness Practices:

  • Incorporate mindfulness techniques into coaching sessions.
  • Foster a mindful approach to decision-making and financial management.

5. Mindful Living Integration:

Cultivating a Mindful Approach:

  • Discuss the impact of mindfulness on overall well-being.
  • Explore ways to integrate mindfulness into daily financial practices.

Discussion and Reflection:

  • Facilitate group discussions on mindful living and its correlation with financial decisions.
  • Encourage reflective practices to deepen understanding.

6. Reflection and Progress Assessment:

Reflecting on the Transformative Journey:

  • Review individual or group progress since the program’s initiation.
  • Celebrate achievements and insights gained.

Goal Setting for Future Mindful Financial Growth:

  • Collaborate on setting new financial goals.
  • Develop actionable plans for continued mindful financial growth.

We’ve designed this detailed content approach to ensure a rich and transformative experience, addressing both the practical and emotional aspects of participants’ relationships with money.

Also, a holistic blend of coaching, mentoring, facilitation, and training ensures a well-rounded and personalized experience for participants.

The program is designed to be flexible, accommodating the needs of individual or group participants.

In design, the duration of each Module is over 2 sessions with a session being 90 minutes.

1:1 or Group:

The program is offered in two formats: one-on-one sessions for personalized support or group sessions for a collaborative and shared learning experience. This flexibility allows clients to choose the format that best suits their needs and preferences.


Group:  You can pay for each Module separately at £125 per Module or pay for all 6 for £700 (a £50 savings)

1:1:  Each Module is £250 or pay for all 6 for £1450 (a £50 savings)

Join the group waitlist or contact me for more information about 1:1 sessions.

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