The time is now for you to flourish financially


We help you to transform your relationship to money so you flourish financially.

Bookkeeping Services

We help female lead micro businesses run as profit seeking entities with sustainable business growth so their owners flourish financially.

Money Coaching

We help professional women suffering from financial anxiety, frustration and shame around their finances transform their relationship with money.

Organising your MOney Matters

We help women with ADHD organise and manage your personal finances developing bespoke systems & processes that work for you.


Work in progress

I am a mum, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. For fun, I love walking in nature, taking in the world around me using all my senses, yoga and mindfulness.

I consider myself a "Wellpreneur", that helps women declutter their finances so that they flourish joyfully on their own terms and embody healthy living. At the end of the day, prosperity is all about freedom and self expression.

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